Mahogany Ridge and the adjacent Fish Creek Canyon terrain had long been a staple of the Steamboat’s accessible backcountry up until Winter 23/24, when these areas opened to the public within the operating boundary of the resort. With this 650 acre terrain expansion, Steamboat became the second largest ski resort in Colorado at over 3,700 skiable acres. This expansion is comprised of advanced/expert and extreme terrain, with large cliff bands, chutes, steep glades, and avalanche risk. All runs within the Fish Creek Canyon area will also require a 30–45-minute hike out.

How to access this new & expert terrain:

1. Make your way towards the Pony Express Chairlift.

2. Once at the top of Pony Express Chairlift, you can choose to veer the left where you will ski a tight, steep tree run called “Fairway” to the bottom of the Mahogany Ridge Express Chairlift, or skate briefly on a cat-track to reach the upper terminal of Mahogany Ridge Express Chairlift.

Know Before You Go

In order to ski or ride this terrain in a safe and fun manner, know before you go and follow these recommended steps:

  1. Save Steamboat Ski Patrol’s phone number to your mobile device. 970-871-5911. Guests can always stop at the Ski Patrol Yurt at the top of Mahogany Ridge Express for questions or recommendations.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the trail map and area sigange, paying attention to any gate names/numbers you’re accessing.
  3. We recommend being familiar and prepared with avalanche gear (beacon, shovel, snow probe), medical or first aid kit, water and snacks, helmet, headlamp, and warm layered clothing.
  4. Always go with a buddy.
  5. Download the Steamboat App to access ‘Call Ski Patrol’ feature on the home screen that also provides your GPS coordinates for a quicker response time.

Trail Tips, Tricks, and Routes.

Mahogany Ridge

Edge of the World: Check the grooming report! This long, steep, and narrowly cut black diamond run is either the king of big bumps or a fast leg burning groomer.

Thick of It: These tight trees can be accessed skiers-left of Edge of the World or the Mahogany Ridge Express Chairlift line, and provide some fun, north-west facing glades and gullies to play in.

Legends Trees: Ski this dreamy, dense aspen- skiers-right of Middle Rib, from there navigate toward the bottom of the Mahogany Ridge Express Chairlift

Fish Creek Canyon

Endless Gully: With three separate access gates, there are an infinite number of ways to ski this zone. Gates 1 and 3 offer steeper, tighter more technical lines with both tree and rock chutes, as well as cliff bands, while Gate 2 combines the aforementioned terrain with a fun and open powder field runout and great views of the canyon wall.

Ultimate Glades: This expansive area features tightly gladed terrain which becomes progressively steeper and rockier as you approach the “Keyhole” to enter the Boulder field. Be sure to remain vigilant of three specific sign types: numbered blue signs in the area keeping you in line with the Boulder field entrance, yellow caution signs alerting you of upcoming cliff bands and advise to traverse to the Boulder field entrance and red signs warning of large cliffs ahead and insisting on traversing to the Boulder field entrance to avoid being cliffed-out.

Boulder Field: Massive boulders strewn below the huge cliff bands that guard the zone create an amphitheater feel to this powder playground. Ski this area with extreme caution and be careful not to drop-off something that is bigger than you expect, as drops from these boulders range in size from 5-35 feet!

Milk Run: This zone lower on the canyon wall offers some slightly more open trees, along with two extremely prominent cliff bands to the skiers right. Adhere to the cliff warning signage and ski fall line through this zone for those coveted rock drops and face shots.

Two Step: Finally, the lowest zone in the canyon still provides some of the most engaging terrain on the mountain. Navigate the fall line out of the gate through steep open pitches down to the canyon traverse, or head skiers-left out of the gate through craggy, steep trees then angling skiers right to avoid cliffs and access the exit route.