By writing this post, I am literally taking my life into my own hands. c And by divulging a few of these glorious sections of the mountain, it’s akin to me stealing their loot. But here goes, part 1 of a two part series. These are a few areas of the resort you may like to explore.

Bastards Hollow:
After a fresh dump of snow, most people ride either Closet or Shadows. But often overlooked is the small meadow of aspens and pine along the ridge in between. This poachable section of snow is worthy of the best runs on the mountain.

For those brave enough to huck themselves off a rock cliff or two, this incredible stash is perfect for those just beginning to learn how to catch air. From the Sunshine lift, follow the sign to Hotcakes but look up and to the right just past the gate to the pile of rocks. Cruise up past the rocks and plunge off the back. You know the stash has come to an end when it spits you out onto Tomahawk for a gentle cruise back to the lift.

Salad Shooter:
Look for the tracks often left behind by other stash rats just after the 2nd cat track on Two O’clock to find the in-run to a jump. This perfectly placed launch ramp will spit you back out to the very bottom of Two O’clock for some sweet turns down Daybreak.

Land of the Little People:
This one is recommended for those small enough to safely clear three foot gaps between trees and duck-n-weave like a pro. Enter this stash from the left side of lower High Noon and be prepared for a luge-like run full of twists, bumps and impossibly tight trees. I sounds like a lot of work, and it might possibly be for those over 6 feet tall. But the stacked powder over here is well worth the ride.

Stay tuned for my next post where I outline even more of these local’s favorites.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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