Looking to make our next trip to Steamboat Resort and the Yampa Valley a little bit greener? Steamboat Resort has programs and infrastructure in place to support a sustainable visit to Northwest Colorado.

Most visitors experience a gain in elevation, making hydration vitally important. As marked on all trail maps, water refill stations are located around the base and at every on-mountain lodge. Many skiers and riders use water pouches or bottles to stay hydrated, which are also for sale at Thunderhead, Rendezvous and various retail locations at the base, if needed. With the purchase of a Steamboat Resort water pouch also comes a dollar-off discount for all fountain drinks. Reusable cups are also available to guests at all lodges, and should those run out, biodegradable cups are the backup option. Sustainably hydrating at Steamboat Resort is not only eco-friendly, but also quite tasty. On-mountain springs provide all drinking water at Steamboat Resort, giving guests a refreshing taste of the Rockies.

With travel being an essential component of a ski trip, Steamboat Resort has partnered with several carbon-offsetting programs to consider investing in. Through the Good Traveler Program, it is possible to buy offsets to cover the distance of your travels, whether it be via airplane or car. Any money donated is then invested in carbon reduction projects that are “certified to offset the impact of air or road travel by keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere while doing some extra good like restoring wetlands or growing forests,” as explained by the Good Traveler Program. Another option for travelers to consider is the Routt County Collaborative Fund that directly impacts local climate action projects throughout the Yampa Valley. From habitat restoration, waste diversion, deployment of renewable energy, implementation of climate-friendly transportation solutions and more, your donations are a proactive way to reduce your carbon footprint and “ensure Routt County remains a vibrant and thriving community for years to come,” explains the fund.

A key component to sustainability at Steamboat Resort is recycling, which has been around for quite some time. However, the focus now is on recycling aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable. The average aluminum can made in the United States contains about 73 percent recycled content compared to less than six percent for plastic. As Steamboat has moved away from single-use plastics, the resort is now zeroed in on recycling aluminum and keeping the bins clean and uncontaminated.

As with any trip, transportation in and around the area is something to consider. Luckily, Steamboat has a robust public and lodging shuttle transportation system, making it easier and safer to get around town and the mountain. The free Steamboat Springs Transit (SST) City Bus is ideal, providing transportation all the way across city limits. Many guests and locals alike utilize the free bus to access the mountain and avoid parking altogether. Lodging companies also provide shuttles to their guests with very convenient drop off and pick up locations around town and the mountain. And once on the mountain or in town, everything is very walkable and pedestrian friendly. There is even the beautiful Yampa River Core Trail connecting town and the mountain should you have the desire to get some walking mileage in.

Steamboat Resort takes a proactive approach to being a good steward to our natural environment. With water refill stations, carbon offset programs, a heavy focus on aluminum recycling and a robust public transportation system, the programs and infrastructure are in place for all guests to make their current or next trip to Steamboat Resort more sustainable.