With all the changes that have been made to the resort through our Full Steam Ahead initiative, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation is at the forefront for really exciting plans to create a carbon neutral mountain resort by 2030. Plans like sustainably diverting waste during construction processes, adhering to LEED certification requirements for all our new base area buildings and overall energy efficiency by way of being able to monitor and adjust energy output and water usage. Along with these state-of-the-art sustainable capabilities, Steamboat has a number of other plans in the works as well. One of which the resort has begun to test and implement for the Mountain Ops team is the introduction of electric powered Snowmobiles.

Working with Taiga Motors Corporation out of Montreal, Steamboat, and a number of other Alterra owned resorts have begun the process of testing and now substituting these new and sustainable machines in for our gas-powered snowmobiles. Steamboat alongside other Alterra mountains is making this change in hopes of expediting their goal of a carbon neutral footprint by 2030. When asked about the takeaways from testing at over 15 Alterra destinations, CEO of Taiga, Sam Bruneau said “Not only are the Nomad snowmobiles contributing to reducing emissions but doing so while lowering operating costs and delivering uncompromising performance.”

The addition of these sleds will create a clearer path for carbon neutrality moving forward, but they have also had significant positive impacts on guest’s experiences on the mountain and operations overall. Eric Gadoua, Mountain Operations director at Alterra owned Tremblant contends that “While our guests have been loving their odorless and quiet ride, our operations team is equally impressed with their performance and reliability.” Keep your eyes peeled in the final weeks of this season, and all of next season as Steamboat will soon be equipped with a full fleet of these awesome electric vehicles. Say goodbye to the loud and obnoxious braaaaping of gas-powered sleds, and hello to a silent, slick, and sustainable alternative.

In addition to this sustainable sled option, Steamboat is also in the planning phase for a newly redeveloped Gondola Transit Center. One of the focal points for this renovation of the current transit center is a geothermal heating system that is state of the art and will allow the resort to keep this area snow and ice free all while not having any negative energy impacts or additional carbon output.