Snowboard & Ski Lessons for Ages 6 & Under

Steamboat SnowSports School offers Young Kids Lessons through the Mountain Camp facility to little skiers age 3 -6 and snowboarders age 4 – 6. The one-stop-shop for families with small children includes lesson instruction, lunch, and an equipment rental and lift ticket option.

Steamboat’s Young Kids Lesson programs are built just for kids. The carefully customized days are designed around taking care of children in a safe, nurturing space and in an age-appropriate setting. The specially designed location has been built from the ground up as an intentional, warm and welcoming environment.

Wee ones enjoy a streamlined check-in process and begin to learn on specialized indoor play mats to help visualize and work with the shapes their skis will make when they’re out on the snow.

Steamboat ski instructors follow the simple progression of “first comes passion, then comes skills.” When they’re comfortable on the snow, little skiers don their own camp vests and enjoy private instruction time, learning skills and fundamentals that will nurture a lifelong passion for the mountain. (Actual time spent skiing or outside on snow is dependent on how long your child is willing and/or able to ski.)

Students are put into small groups of similar ages. Depending on their comfort, they’ll ski level-appropriate terrain, which ranges from beginner magic carpets all the way up to mellow intermediate runs for more advanced students.

Pros are specifically trained to work with this age group, pulling from a big bag of proven tricks to make skill drills and instruction time fun and full of imagination. Sing-alongs and silly stories are all a part of this encouraging and entertaining program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lunch Included with Young Kids Lessons?

Two young skiers taking a lesson at Steamboat Resort.

Lunch is included at Young Kids Lessons and the menu is super kid friendly, including chicken tenders, pizza and mac and cheese as well as vegetable and fruit options served at every meal. We also have snacks, hot chocolate and fresh baked treats for kids to enjoy as treats throughout the day.

Note: During the booking process, we kindly ask that you provide if your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction.

Are equipment rentals included in the lesson?

Rentals are not included with lessons, but can be rented through the Mountain Camp facility during the booking process. Please note: One child 12 and under rents free with each paid adult rental of 5 days or more.

Please plan adequate time to pick up and fit your rental equipment in advance. We recommend scheduling a rental fit time appointment for the night prior to your lesson date.

Lesson Time & Meeting Location?

The Mountain Camp facility is located adjacent to the Gondola Transit Center, and the doors open for Young Kids Lessons starting at 8:15 a.m. and pick-up time for all programs is at 3 p.m. The lesson start time is 9:00am.

What do I bring for my child for their lesson?

• Helmet (Required for those 17 and under)
• Eye protection – goggles or sunglasses
• Sunscreen applied before lesson
• Mittens or gloves
• One pair of socks
• Don’t forget to drink lots of water!
• Ski boots and gear, fitted in advance of lesson start time

Do you offer Private Lessons, or 1:1 instruction, for young kids?

We do! Steamboat SnowSports School offers two options for private and or 1:1 instruction for youngs kids.

Option #1: Steamboat SnowSports School offers 1-hour 1:1 private lessons for young skiers and riders ages 2 – 4 called Whippersnappers. Whippersnapper 1-hour private lessons are offered at 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:30pm, or 2:00pm. Rentals and lift ticket access are included for the duration of the lesson only.

Option #2: Private lessons are also available for young kids. Choose from a full day or a 3-hour half day option (am or pm). Private young kids lessons are available for ages 3 – 6 and have a maximum of 2 kiddos per lesson. Lift ticket and rentals are sold separate.

How are lessons group or what are the different types?

ProgramLesson TypeAgeProgram HoursSpecial ConsiderationsLesson DetailsIs a Lift Ticket Included with lesson purchase?
Palomino PalsSki3 – 3.5 yearsDrop off 8:15am – 9:00am. Pick up 3:00pm.Does not need to be potty trained, takes naps.Up to 1.5 hour lesson, unscheduled. Instructor ratio is either 1:2 or 1:3.Yes
MavericksSki3.5 – 3.9 yearsDrop off 8:15am – 9:00am. Pick up 3:00pm.Must be potty trained.Up to 1 hour lessons in both the morning and the afternoon (2hr total). Instructor ratio is 1:4 – 1:6.Yes
Sundance KidsSki4 – 6 yearsDrop off 8:15am – 9:00am. Pick up 3:00pm.Must be fully potty trained and does not take naps.Up to 2 hour lessons in both morning and afternoon (4hr total). Instructor ratio maximum is 1:6 No. A $10 add-on lift ticket is available with purchase.
BanditsSnowboard4 – 6 YearsDrop off 8:15am – 9:00am. Pick up 3:00pm.Must be fully potty trained and does not take naps.Up to 2 hour lessons in both morning and afternoon (4hr total). Instructor ratio maximum is 1:6.No. A $10 add-on lift ticket is available with purchase.

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