Steamboat Stories — Arielle & Taylor Gold
Sibling Snowboard Olympian Athletes from Steamboat

Arielle & Taylor Gold are two shining examples of why Steamboat Springs has been dubbed Ski Town, U.S.A.® These siblings take competition to the ultimate level, each beginning their journey to the Winter Games right here, with the Steamboat Winter Sports Club teams. These Steamboat Springs natives, talk about growing up on Mt. Werner, their favorite runs, and the pride in their community that drives the passion behind their international Olympian debut made side by side in 2014 in Sochi.

Arielle Gold, U.S. Olympian at Steamboat Resort

Arielle Gold
Two Time U.S. Olympian (Sochi 2014, PyeongChang 2018)
Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe – Bronze Medalist

Arielle started skiing at the age of 3, but switched to snowboarding at 7, following the example set by her older brother Taylor.

By the age of 15, Arielle was a Youth Olympian for Team USA, winning silver medals in youth slopestyle and youth halfpipe. That same year, she won her first junior world championship. It didn’t take her long to make her mark internationally on the senior level, winning the 2013 World Championship in halfpipe at 16. She became the second-youngest world champion ever. Arielle went on to win her first of three career X Games medals the same week.

Taylor Gold
Two Time U.S. Olympian (Sochi 2014, Beijing 2022)
Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe

Fond of the ‘old-school’ ways, Taylor found ways to make traditional tricks more complex and, for the most part, his creativity received widespread approval.

Taylor Gold, U.S. Olympian at Steamboat Resort

After his debut at Sochi 2014 alongside sister Arielle, his career met a major setback in early 2016 when, while an unfortunate backcountry accident shattered his kneecap in six places.

Rehabilitation was a slow process leaving him unable to compete at PyeongChang 2018 where Arielle won the halfpipe bronze behind Chloe Kim. Reassured by sister Arielle that he should stay true to himself, he climbed his way back to the top of the leaderboard finishing fifth in Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe in Beijing 2022 behind Shawn White.

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