Black Diamonds, the place where one can test their skills and courage. It’s a right of passage of some sorts and often earns bragging rights to those who have completed one. My six year old daughter herself has been brave enough to make her way down a few of Steamboat’s own and the smile on her face was priceless. (Yes, mine may have even been more.) 

With the start of Spring and the season winding down, it might be time for you try out a few favorite Black and Double Black Diamond runs.

Caroline’s Top Ten Black/Double Black Diamonds:

10.) Twister- Bump it up! This is a good leg burner. This is a notable run when there’s some fresh powder or in warmer weather with slush bumps.

9.)  Cyclone-  Ok, you can’t ski Steamboat without hitting a groomer on Cyclone. This is one of                Steamboat’s finer run, especially when it’s groomed and glorious. You can’t go wrong.

8.) Typhoon-  This is one of my favorites to rip with fresh powder. Since it’s a lesser known run, it often keeps some decent stashes throughout the day. I have the best memories ripping through this run with fellow Olympian Chris Puckett.

7.) Nelson’s Run- I can’t not mention this run. Especially since it’s named after my husband. Yes, he only made number seven…but joking aside, it’s a legit run. True to Nelson’s mogul notoriety, this run is a mogul skiers dream. Lots of bumps and a pretty consistent pitch. Break out the skinny skis and give it a wiggle.

6.) Triangle Three- This run is a Steamboat classic. Especially since it funnels you right under Bar UE where you strut your stuff and show off all your moves to those riding the lift. It does have an odd sidehill and an off camber fall-line but the snow usually stays fresh as it’s north facing.

5.) Long Horn- This is a fantastic run located off Pioneer Ridge. This is my absolute favorite when it’s groomed. It is a long run and has a continuous pitch. It’s a great spot to make some arcs.

4.) Chute One – If you visited Steamboat in the late 80’s and 90’s this was the iconic site of the bump off. It’s some of the more advanced terrain and a good foray into the chutes.

3.) East Face – After a quick hike off Morningside lift, you three awesome spots on the mountain to experience terrain, powder, some cliffs and more. This is an absolute must on a powder day.

2.) North St. Pats- The same adventure awaits as East Face just a different scene.

1.) No Names- My favorite spot. I feel like you can find new lines down this run all the time. Its northern exposure and trees keep the snow fresh for days. No matter how many times I ski this run, I always find a new way down.