This year I’ve realized that I’ve spend more of my life in Steamboat than anywhere else. My family moved here in 1995, so that makes me a 26 year local. This pales in comparison to my husband Nelson, who’s family moved here in 1978.

In reality, it’s not the amount of time I’ve spent here but rather the various of seasons of life I’ve experienced that I feel gives me a unique perspective on navigating the mountain. Having been a young racer, and Olympic Athlete and finally a mother of two little ones my journey has evolved into a well seasoned local. Since I’ve experienced all levels of Steamboat,  here are my tips to navigating your ski day with ease.

Be Prepared:
I say this with all sincerity and yet with the knowledge that NOTHING goes quite as planned. I always say, focus on what you can control.

*Packing items needed the night before is key! While racing World Cups, it was routine for me to pack all my equipment needed the night before so I knew there wouldn’t be any room for error in the morning. Now a days, I try and gather all my kids’ and my own equipment into a giant Tupperware container ahead of time, so I know I have everything together and accounted for. (I’m not going to lie, there are many a days where I get the the mountain and realize I’ve forgotten my own jacket or gloves…but for the most part this works!)

*Tickets and Passes should be purchased ahead of time. In truth, it is not ideal to sort out these elements while everyone is waiting to hit the slopes. Steamboat Resort offers great package and pass options to ease this step.

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Know Your Ability:

This is important for anyone! There are key areas on the mountain for all levels and it’s important to navigate it accordingly. My suggestions would be the following:

Beginner- If you are brand new to skiing and are not taking a lesson it is wise to stick to Preview at the base area. When you are feeling a bit more confident, I would suggest heading up the gondola and enjoying “Why Not” trail. It’s important to keep in mind that this run is over 2 miles long so it’s important to feel comfortable with the length. It is a green run and offers beautiful views of the entire Yampa Valley and the city of Steamboat.

Intermediate-Steamboat Ski Resort really has an abundance of great intermediate terrain. A few of my favorites are: Rainbow, Buddy’s, Moonlight, One O’clock and Flintlock. These trails offer a bit of varied terrain and difficulty. (It would be wise to check the grooming report in the morning to get a sense of what each run might look like.)

Expert-There are some amazing spots for those more interested in challenging their skills and technique. Whether you want steeper terrain, trees, moguls are chutes Steamboat has some spots to explore. A few must skis are Cyclone, Typhoon, No Names, North St. Pats, One

O’clock and West Side.

Eat and Hydrate:

This might sound trite, but staying fueled and hydrated is an enormous part of enjoying your ski adventure. Just ask my two kids…as soon on anyone is past the point of hungry it’s TROUBLE. Knowing where you can stop and enjoy some food ad drinks is really key to enjoying your day on the slopes. A few of my favorites are Rendezvous, Four Points and Timber and Torch. All of these are conveniently located around the mountain with access for various levels of skier. For the non-skier/snowboarder both Timber and Torch and Routtie’s are great options. For more info visit HERE.

Hope these tips help you enjoy our beautiful mountain.