There are good powder days, and then there are really good powder days.  Today, we are enjoying a really good power day in the Boat’ and it is deep out there folks.  With 20 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours, conditions are absolutely prime on the mountain and it is a great day to be skiing Steamboat.  Plenty of people got the powder memo this morning, and there are powder smiles stretching to all ends of the mountain.




Still snowing a bit and very cold out there, but it is just the right temperature for Steamboat’s famous Champagne Powder.  The start of the day had some lingering storm clouds, but there is clearing sky in the distance.  It looks to stay chilly out there, so bundle up !





I’m not going to write anything here, these photos tell you everything you need to know.  If you ski today, you will believe in the winter magic of the Yampa Valley!





It’s an outstanding day to be skiing Steamboat!  The powder is deep, and it is one of the best days we have had all season.  The snow is light and fluffy and a perfect example of why Steamboat is known as some of the best snow in the world.  I have skied a lot of different places spread across 4 different continents, and I have to put my vote towards Steamboat as having the best quality snow in the business.  We are so lucky to ski here!


Pick of the mountain today is Shadows: The snow is deep and simply perfect today.  Skiing fresh tracks through Steamboat’s famous aspen glades is a treat every time!


Have a great day on the mountain!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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