As we turn the page on a new year, we at the resort want to thank the entire Yampa Valley community for your unwavering support. As we navigate through the most challenging season we have ever faced we must continue to adapt and be collaborative to be successful. From the outset of this season, we have had two goals: 1. keep the resort open all season and 2. minimize COVID spread to keep our staff and community healthy.

Nothing about this winter is ideal. The entire community has had to make sacrifices and difficult decisions daily about how to maintain their financial, mental and physical well-being and the resort is no exception. A day of skiing requires patience, preparedness and a good attitude. This winter, we are all trying to balance bringing guests into our community in order to keep businesses afloat while staying as safe and healthy as possible. We recognize the value of outdoor recreation for our bodies, souls and most importantly our mental health. It hasn’t been easy, but we continue to push forward, focused on getting through this pandemic and returning to the special way of life we have here in the Yampa Valley.

If you visited the resort last week you saw long lines at times. We were tested on December 29, when the perfect storm of holiday traffic, the biggest snowfall of the season and COVID protocols collided. What you may not have known is that we prepared for these very scenarios. Our mitigation plans include rerouting lines, reconfiguring mazes and loading chairlifts and the gondola with limited capacity, which naturally make the lines stretch. We are ready for this to occur on future holidays, peak periods and powder days.

What we hope you saw was the incredible effort our team put forth in following our plans. Maybe you noticed Ski Patrol on the stage sharing real-time information. Or our Ambassadors walking the line with pool noodles to show appropriate spacing. Maybe you tried our new Virtual Gondola Line- which we have fine-tuned to provide a great way for you to “wait” in the gondola line from the convenience of your home. Or you saw numerous team members asking others to wear their masks, and how to appropriately cover their nose and mouth. And our community is not afraid to step up and assist us in following protocols. We thank each of you who are willing to speak to fellow skiers and riders about resort guidelines or sending us feedback to improve our efforts.

We are dedicated to the resort’s plans and protocols, which we worked hard to develop with the assistance of our local health officials, and we remain committed to ongoing conversations and adaptations to keep our protocols effective.

A HUGE thank you to our amazing staff who continue to share their genuine western hospitality while working through all our new guidelines. We realize how difficult some of our team’s jobs have become with our mitigation plans and are incredibly grateful for their dedication and support to share their passion for our sport, especially during these difficult times.

And THANK YOU to our community who follow our guidelines, are patient, and keep our community healthy with their everyday actions. It was encouraging and rewarding to see the respect, appreciation and support of our locals and guests for the past month we have been open. We are all in this Boat together, and if there is anything the past year has taught us it is the strength of a community that comes together to support each other. More than ever we are proud to call Steamboat Springs home.

Now that we made it through the holiday season, we look forward to the remainder of the winter with renewed hope and excitement. Thanks again and we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe and snow filled 2021.

With gratitude,