It’s definitely a powder day today! With 14 inches falling since Thursday morning, much of it after the mountain closed yesterday, the snow is amazing. The corduroy is extra thick, and there are still plenty of freshies on the trees and sides of the runs.

Views from the top of Three O’Clock

The morning started out chilly with a summit temperature of only 3 degrees. I was happy to have worn two extra layers and my gaiter, though the sun is already warming things up.

All quiet in Twilight Trees

It was hard to choose where to go with so many options. I chose the thick corduroy carpet from Sunshine Lift Line to Rolex. With the extra snow padding, the groomers are the best they’ve been all year. Twilight trees had a few inches of sugary snow on top of what fell during the day yesterday. Because crowds were sparse Thursday, stashes of fresh can be found in all of the tree runs if you get there soon.

Three O’Clock had a thick layer of snow on top of a fresh groom, and the turns were smooth and delicious the whole way down.

Fresh line in Sideburn

I can say it was worth driving home to Steamboat late last night to feel my skis dip into the soft snow in Sideburn, catch fresh turns on Storm Peak face and ski corduroy all the way down Hurricane. Yum!

Fresh pockets

If you are skiing the trees today, take care to avoid the wells that form around the evergreen trees. It can be quite dangerous if you ski to close to them. I was once with a group of friends skiing the trees in Beaver Creek, when my friend Keely went head first into a well. We were lucky to be able to dig her out quickly. Just sayin’, take a few friends with you and ski safe if you’re venturing into our divine tree territory.

Frosty trees

You can’t go wrong today with Sunshine, violet blue skies and fresh snow magically preserved by cool mountain temperatures. Yes, winter is here in full force, and we have clicked into a storm cycle that is promising more of what we ski bums live for.

Resident weatherman and avid skier Mike Weissbluth brings us timely forecasts on his local site Snow Alarm, and is also kind enough to email me updated forecasts on the days he knows I’m driving the pass. How’s that for a local perk?

Aspen groves off Sundown

Notice the heavy winter coat on the aspens today, a stark contrast to the vivid sky. They are things of beauty, these aspens, connected at the root. Makes me think of how we are all interconnected. While I appreciate with my whole heart that we live in this safe, incredible haven, a part of me is also with those in Florida. Our human roots may be invisible, but they are undeniable.

President’s weekend kicks off in Gondola Square

Holiday crowds are in the house. Ski safe and have a blast!

Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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