All this talk about spring weather and warm, sunny skies and then WHAM… we’re thrown back into winter. In typical Steamboat fashion, another storm is rolling through our area dumping snow from above. It’s refreshing to see our trails blanketed once again in fresh, white fun.

I pranced my way around the mid-mountain area of the resort today, schussing runs like Cyclone and Rainbow. The snow had a creamy quality to it, like skiing through whipped frosting. It felt great to have that forgiveness back in my turns while carving my way to and fro. Under the fresh, I could still feel the snowpack underneath, but even that layer was gentle enough to dig an edge.

While catching snowflakes on my tongue, I couldn’t help but feel extremely lucky to be completely one with nature. The mountain seemed quiet today and several times I found myself as the only person on the trail. It was terrific. Having wide open terrain to practice long, arching turns is a thrill I cherish every chance I get. Surrounded by low-hanging clouds, there were moments I felt completely alone amidst what still remains as a large number of people in town. There are certainly plenty of people enjoying the mountain today. It just didn’t feel crowded, ever.

Lower mountain runs like Vagabond felt very much the same. But as I made my way over to the NASTAR Race Area I found where most of our guests are hanging out. This is the final weekend of the NASTAR National Championships and there are some fast looking skiers out there, to say the least. I spent a few moments watching the day’s first runs and was completely impressed. These folks come from around the country and appeared to be primed and ready to take the crown. So cool.

So enjoy the return of winter and get out there to enjoy our fresh snow. It’s currently still dumping so we’ll wait and see what the final tally is.

Happy Trails,

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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