The early season can be an odd time of year in the mountains. October storms and the snow making guns usually help us get the resort open before Thanksgiving, but the valley floor isn’t always snow covered by then. Fortunately, all it takes is one good storm to come through and make sure that winter is here to stay. That’s exactly what happened last night when an arctic blast swept into Steamboat dropping 7 inches on the mountain and at least 5 inches on my car windshield.

As I’m sure many of you heard, we had a mechanical malfunction with the new gondola on Sunday afternoon. There was a problem with the gear drive box so it will be closed for a bit until the folks at Doppelmayr help us get the issue resolved. Don’t worry though, Thunderhead lift is open now so you can still access all of the open terrain. To access Heavenly Daze, just take the Christie Peak Express from the base and then follow the signs down Boulevard/Yoohoo to the Thunderhead Express. It’s pretty chilly up there, so make sure to add an extra layer for the ride up the lift.

The snow on Heavenly Daze this morning was perfect mid season carving snow. The grooming crews came through after the storm and compressed the new snow into some really nice corduroy that will really help build our base. Even though the majority of the run is groomed, there is a nice strip of snow on the skiers right that was left as nature intended it. So if you wan’t to get some fluffy turns in you can pop in and out of the moguls.

This storm was just what the doctor ordered for the conditions on the mountain. The 7 inches that fell last night and the snow that’s expected to fall on Thanksgiving should go a long way towards getting the rest of the mountain ready for the season.