The skies were clear and the wind was calm when I let my dog out before bed last night. This morning, not so much. The weather in the mountains can change in and instant and often a pleasant evening can become a vicious blizzard in mere moments. So when I peaked through my blinds this morning and saw whiteout conditions I wasn’t surprised mother nature had proved me wrong. The snow cam only showed 4″ or so at the top of the mountain, but the snow that fell was moist, firm and much deeper in spots.

This storm moved in after the groomers got most of their work done, so the first runs this morning were pristine powder turns on top of smooth groomers. The snow that fell last night was pretty heavy for steamboat and bonded well to the harder stuff below creating a buttery smooth surface. Even though most of the groomed runs will be bumpier by now, our marquee groomers like Rainbow and Buddies should still be soft.

This afternoon will be the best time for riding in the trees since the snow will have piled up and been blown in there by the wind. My last run through Shadows was pretty soft, but I can only see it getting better throughout the day. Even though the top of Twilight/3 O’clock looks a bit bare, the snow in there is surprisingly good and there weren’t too many branches sticking through the snow.

If you haven’t made up your mind about heading up to the mountain today, let me help. You should go shred this afternoon! The snow is still falling at around an inch an hour and it looks like there will be another front pushing through later to add to the totals. Things are getting deeper my the minute up there, so don’t miss out.