The snow this morning was grippy but solid. The fact that we’ve seen over 300 inches of snow fall on our slopes this season so far is a testament in itself as to how much is still lingering. I was struggling to find even the faintest trace of uncovered trail on most of the runs I skied today. Conditions are superb. It’s hard to believe there’s just one week left before the resort closes operations for the winter.

The swirling clouds above have made it hard to determine what our late-day weather will bring. I’m not much for following the latest NOAA reports. Typically, I just look to the west to determine how to gear up for the day. But warm spring currents and mountain topography make things a little unpredictable this time of year. Generally speaking, I’d say that today’s skiing experience will be nothing short of wonderful no matter where you decide to explore.

2016-4-3 (11)-WEB
The groomed trails are in perfect form. There’s just something about how the grooming machines manicure the snow in the early evening and that same snow freezes into shape overnight. It makes my skis want to dance once I unleash them down the hill. Pressuring your inside edges back and forth in a rhythmic pattern will get your blood pumping today and help you appreciate the rugged thrill of playing at elevation. Be sure to drink more water than usual on a day like this to stay hydrated and energized.

White Out mogul run (#GoPro)
White Out mogul run (#GoPro)

As the snow softens later in the afternoon, this might be the perfect day to explore those spring bumps we tend to love. Feel like a hero while making your way down forgiving slush bump runs like White Out or Norther. I’ve found these to be a lot more approachable as the sun wears on.

2016-4-3 (4)-WEB
Whether it’s overcast today or not, be sure to lather up the sunscreen. I’ve seen traces of sun-kissed skin even on days we think aren’t too bright. Just remember, those UV rays are still out there, and it merits putting up your guard.

Enjoy another incredible weekend close today, and be sure to catch a glimpse of the Toes on the Nose jib event starting at 1pm. Witness some of the best surf-style skiing and riding on Lil’ Rodeo Terrain Park.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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