With the next round of storms still a few days away, it was a nice surprise to wake up to a dusting of snow this morning. Even though it wasn’t a powder day, the snow that did fall created a fluffy feel to the groomed runs. We have a lot of terrain open for this time of year but the main parts of the runs can get beat up pretty quickly, so a fresh coating every few days goes a long way.

First chair at Christie

The slopes were pretty empty this morning, but the die-hards waiting for the first chairs at Christie Peak Express were rewarded for their dedication. The first run down Rudi’s this morning was one of the best groomers I’ve ridden all year. The run is so wide that pretty much everyone from the first wave was able to get their own little corner of the corduroy. On top of that the rollers on the left side have formed and are perfect for getting a little air.

We rode Burgess Creek lift a few times and had a great time making turns from edge to edge all the way down Lower Rainbow. The coverage was great pretty much everywhere up there so there is no need to worry about hitting rocks near the edge of the runs. There are a some bushes sticking out of the snow on White Out and BC Lift Line, but the moguls are well formed and worth the effort.

I didn’t make my way to the top of the mountain today, but if you are willing to make the traverse back on Duster there should be some nice pockets of powder. The first runs down 1 O’clock on Sunday were awesome and even after being groomed out it should still be a good time. As a snowboarder, it’s a long way back on Duster to kick this early in the season.

My final few runs were straight back down Heavenly Daze to Thunderhead. If I had really thought about it, I would have headed to the Daze first thing this morning. The coverage and conditions on the Daze is the best it’s been all year and it’s by far the longest run open. It was still nice and soft by the time I got there, but the corduroy was long gone. The Gondola is still being fixed so you have to take a right at the bottom of the run to get back to Thunderhead lift if you want to avoid going to the base area. It sounds like the parts are all here and the gondola should be up and running pretty soon . There is almost no one on the mountain today, so get up there and enjoy the wide open runs before the holiday crowds get here.