I’m guilty. I’ve treated  the Burgess Creek Lift, “the BC Lift,” and the runs off it like an escalator. I took a different approach to it today and it changed my view.

The area around the BC Lift is true mid-mountain terrain, often overlooked by those focused on getting to the top or the front side of the mountain. In reality, there’s something for everyone in the corner of the mountain, so spend some time exploring this gem.

I didn’t need much of a warm up run in the balmy 31 degree temperatures. I cruised down the winding Why Not and scoped out the area. I picked a freshly-groomed Blizzard and turned it up a notch. The thick cloud cover that rolled in overnight acted like a blanket and kept the valley nice and warm. So warm that the snow stayed soft overnight and the conditions are perfect for carving super-fast turns this morning. I had a blast racing down Blizzard to Lightning going about as fast as I could on my skis.


After a lap back up the BC Lift I decided to turn it up and check out some moguls. The mogul runs off the BC Lift (White Out, Norther, and Surprise) are some of the best bump lines on the mountain. As I approached White Out (my favorite of the three), I noticed that the bumps are unusually large. The dry weather pattern has created some serious moguls, so I headed toward Norther. A quick look down Norther and I almost gave up on my quest to ski a bump line, but then I remembered Surprise. Surprise (off Vagabond) is the perfect learning bump run. I found the moguls on Surprise to be larger than usual, but actually a perfect size. The lines on the right were smooth and consistent. I drove my skis around each mogul and through the troughs like I was flying a fighter jet. My legs were loose and agile, which helped me drive my skis through the moguls. I blasted down each section of Surprise and felt the burn in my legs at the bottom.


So stop using  the BC Lift as a mode to move you around the mountain and focus your skiing and riding here. Enjoy the varied mid-mountain terrain, empty slopes, and secret powder stashes. You’ll be glad you did.

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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