I headed to the mountain this morning because it’s Wednesday and not because I was expecting an awesome morning of skiing.  This year has been fun — skiing always is — but it has not blessed us like it usually does. I recently had fully given myself over to the sunny days, Batmobile races in the driveway with my toddler and sunburned shoulders from hanging on my deck in a tank top. As spring reminded us of the ease of warm days, I was not antsy to have another powder day.

Return winter.  The report said 4 inches.  The mountain said, OH YEAH!

I like 4″ better than 14″. Yep, that’s right.  I said it.  Wanna know why?

revisit winter
revisit winter

Reason No. 1:

In true Steamboat fashion, the Champagne Powder stake showed 6″ and still snowing at 8:30am. Add that to the warmer temps that delivered heavier snow, nicely cushioning the firm spring conditions, as well as the wind effect that buffed out the bumps and you get creamy, untracked powder everywhere you go.

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Reason No. 2:

This was the line this morning at 9:30 at Storm Peak. I think Spring Break is over for many folks, and lots of locals are working, or sleeping or not believing their friends who did get up and call them to say, “There’s almost a foot of new snow up here!”

There is no one up here skiing today. If you can get out of work today, get your buns up here.  I skied fresh tracks all morning long, every single run (Tornado, Three O’Clock, Rainbow, Sideburns and Closets). That is why I like 4″ better. When the report is big, every single soul in town is on the mountain, and the fresh gets chewed up in a major hurry.  Not today.  Everyone up there is blissed out on a little bonus morning none of us was expecting.

Why aren’t you walking out the door to get just one more powder day?

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Reason No. 3:

This time of year, you find all your friends again.  They literally show up in the woods.  Most everyone who has had a crazy winter of work has a little breather.  What do we do with that time? We go ski.  It’s so fun to reclaim our little slice of paradise and revisit haunts we may have left unvisited for much of the winter.

Happy Wednesday kids and grownup kids.  I do truly hope you get to play.


Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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