Between us, the snow is really good. Some visitors and locals might look out their window this morning and choose to wait a bit or take the day off. If you choose to ski, get ready for whipped-to-perfection snow.

Whipped to perfection is kinda like cream cheese: smooth, soft and creamy. Up top, off of Storm and Sundown, the wind is howling and the visibility is tight at times but the skiing is superb.

Our best turns were right down the gut of Nelson’s Run. We found soft bumps and creamy, untouched lines, especially as we got closer to the Four Points lift. Twister to Hurricane was next, and I have to mention Triangle Trees. Upper Storm Peak was in the heart of the storm, but the snow was soft and fast.

One secret for days like this: At the top of the lift, seek out the trees to hide from the wind. You can adjust boots, goggles and plan your way down fully protected from the cold.

Get out there and enjoy the excellent snow. You’ll find me some where between Cyclone and White Out.

Garett Mariano, Alpine skier

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