You have probably heard the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I have always appreciated this as it adds a sense of levity and positivity to most situations. I often have thought of this and probably even subconsciously have used it as a sort of a mantra through life’s frustrations and difficulties.

Recently, after an ongoing rough patch I suddenly realized, I’m sick of lemonade! I would really love a nice cup of soothing tea. Enough of the lemons and lemonade. Maybe you have been in this space before, feeling beat down and discouraged, wondering when the tide will turn. I think it’s safe to say that no one is immune from life’s challenges.

So, as I pondered my sense of annoyance with my latest setback, I realized these truths about life throwing you lemons:

Ask yourself why-

No, it’s not the beat your chest while sitting in the rain, looking up to the heavens crying, “WHY ME?”
Rather, it’s an honest assessment whether your current situation is a result of your own doing. Some people refer to this as the law of reciprocity or karma. Often, our trials and frustrations are a result of our own choices. It’s important to recognize this and own your part in this cosmic repercussion.

If there is no why-

This is often a very frustrating place to be as there isn’t a tangible answer. Being an information crazed society, we want to know and we want to know now. The truth is that stuff happens and at times there isn’t an available answer why.

Learn and grow-

In many faith practices there is the belief that there is a reason or a lesson in all things. If you are able to look at your hardship with the mindset that it is an opportunity to grow then suddenly there is purpose. This change creates an opportunity to work the negative for good. Character is refined and ultimately you learn more about yourself and the person you aspire to be.

The ones we love-

The beauty about the valleys in our lives is that it allows us to honestly experience the love and encouragement from family and true friends. It’s easy to be a friend when all is smooth sailing, but strip it down to the raw, ugly self and you will quickly learn who your true supporters are. Again, life’s challenges have a way of not only refining you but those around you as well.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling sick of life’s hiccups think of these few tips. I’ve come to understand it isn’t about the lemons or lemonade but rather the masterpiece of life that is a constant work in progress.