What a difference a week makes. Last Thursday it was still January and the snowpack on the mountain was starting to look a bit sad. This Thursday, it’s February and the last few days have all but erased January from our memories. The lift crews are digging out and our collective spirits are lifted. 


The snow may have stopped, but sunny days like today are great for exploring and searching out the leftover powder. Since we are in between storms, I tried to focus my powder finding efforts in between the runs this morning. Steamboat is known for its phenomenal tree skiing and even though a line might seem beat from the top, there are almost always leftover pockets of powder.

I started the day going up with first tracks to get a few groomers under my belt and stretch out my legs. After pounding as much vert as possible on the snowy days, it’s nice to take it easy and enjoy the scenery here and there. The first place I headed was the trees in between Rolex and West Side. Known to locals as Wristband, the trees here can be tight up top but open up into a nice glade down below. There is also a bonus rock drop in there if you know where to find it.

Powder panoramic

The tracks through Wristband were spaced pretty far apart, so there where plenty of untouched lines that made for a great run. This is what you can expect in most of the trees in between runs. The best way to find these lines is to duck in at the top of the run and let the snow tell you where to go. If most of the tracks go left, you go right. Some of the other best places to look for powder today will be the trees skier’s right of Rolex between Twister and Hurricane and the trees above BC Ski way known as Weasel Trees.

For those of you who aren’t into tree skiing, the heavy snow has really refreshed the groomers. It filled in the ruts and gave the grooming crew a lot to work with. 

So remember, there is always powder somewhere; you just have to find it.

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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