The snow report this morning didnt have any gaudy numbers and there wasn’t a lot of hype around this storm over the last few days. But sometimes the powder days that sneak up on you are the best ones. The 5″ that fell at the top of the mountain combined with all the snow we’ve had in the last few weeks made for a deep morning on Mt Werner.

The first runs I took this morning off the Sundown lift were good, but you could still feel a little bit of crud underneath the new snow. Fortunately the conditions just off the runs in the trees was a lot better. Both the skiers left and right side of 3 O’clock were really deep and soft today. There aren’t a ton of people out, so if you want some powdery trees then head into Twilight.

As I moved across the mountain today I noticed a trend in how deep the snow felt. On the Sundown side, things were soft but you could still feel the snowpack below. As I moved around to Closet and Sideburn things got much deeper. Since this storm came in from the northwest, the north side of the mountain got a little more snow. The conditions were soft on this side from the top of the gates to the bottom of the Pony lift.

It takes a lot of snow to fill in the runs on Pioneer Ridge and under the Pony lift, but I think we are finally there. After heading up for a very deep run on North St Pat’s I traversed down to the glade next to Diamond Hitch and found a lot of untouched terrain. The glade was only cleared out a few years ago, so there is some deadfall but the last storm cycle has filled most of it in and its wide open.

When a season starts out the way ours did, it’s easy to forget just how much it can snow here. Endless groomed runs and dirt patches in January have a way of making you forget what knee deep powder feels like. It appears that our season is headed into a strong second act, but the weather can be a fickle thing, so get out and enjoy every second of powder bliss while we have it!