Bluebird days after it snows might be my favorite time to ride. Snow is soft, landscape is surreal and you get your much needed dose of sun! The groomers are playful but firm enough to be predictable. Powder will be found in the trees near Closets and off Pony Express. I have been lucky with powder this year but this morning is in my top 5 of the season! Get out and make some turns!

  1. Top of Sunshine Lift
  2. Rolex
  3. One O’Clock (Rider: Neal Schulz)
  4. Two O’Clock (Rider: Neal Schulz)
  5. Two O’Clock (Rider: Neal Schulz)
  6. One O’Clock (Rider: Neal Schulz)
  7. Sideburn (Rider: Neal Schulz)
  8. Sideburn
  9. Sideburn
  10. Buddy’s Run