The sun is blazing on high and this is most certainly shaping up to be another bluebird day in Steamboat. You can’t help but notice our flying friends overhead chirping with sheer delight at the gorgeous day we’ve been served.

The snow this morning is nothing short of crystallized goodness. Glazing over this type of foundation is like gliding your skis atop a sweet sugar coating. Although it’s not quite March yet, I’ll go on record as saying these are high-quality spring skiing conditions at their finest. The overnight chill has added some firmness to the early morning trails, but the sun is warming things quickly.

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My highlight run of the morning was down One O’clock and merging onto Lower High Noon. The groomed surface of these trails first thing in the morning was nothing short of pure bliss. Darting in and out of the morning’s long shadows became a game of mine as I focused on proper edging technique. Cutting deep arcs in the snow that spanned the entire width of the run was the quickest way I could think to warm my lower body while the icy chill of mountain air cooled my cheeks and lungs.

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As I made my way over the gondola side of the hill, I came upon some of the most jaw-dropping vistas I have ever seen. No matter how many days I ski in Steamboat, I’ll never take the area’s natural beauty for granted. The serenity you see while making your way down runs like Heavenly Daze is hard to replicate. As I skied down, I saw the remnants of upward tracks in the snow laid by those brave and hearty souls that have the will and endurance to hike their way up the mountain.

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Generally speaking, I’d say that there’s really no bad place to explore today. As the snow softens in the late afternoon, I’d recommend tackling the bumps down Norther and White Out. These are the days when corn snow and slush make the end of your ski day the actual highlight.

Regardless of where you ski, just remember to smile because you’re in Steamboat! Enjoy it, and don’t forget to tip your hat to the bluebirds.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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