It’s getting weird out there, snow sports friends.  The skiing is an adventure no matter where you are on the mountain.  Itching for the beach?  It’s right here at the bottom of the mountain.  Still wanting winter?  It’s headed our way this evening with forecasts calling for 2 to 10 inches. (If you’re still paying attention to winter forecasts, check out Steamboat Powdercats’ weather page.) And then, like the good spring-summer-winter we’ve been rolling through, temps are expected to be back in the 50s and 60s for the weekend.

I’m not sure if I’m loosing it, but I swear if you watch long enough you’ll see a bear poke its head out of hiding in the rocks on Nelson’s.  The creeks opening up under the lifts on Storm Peak and Burgess Creek are full-on spring runoff. I even think I heard a trout splashing its way up the rocks.  I skied Buddy’s Run all by my lonesome this morning, and it’s in really nice shape, making me feel like I should be out skiing every chance I’ve got.  It’s well groomed and softening up for nice, carvy turns, but holy cow was I distracted by all the green stuff down in the valley.  Our springy backdrop makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and that you might fall right outta winter and into your bathing suit by the Yampa River at any moment.


Lower mountain is still open to skiing and riding thanks to the awesome work of the Slope Maintenance crews.  But be forewarned: it is a straight up video game. It was Level 9 firm with all kinds of obstacles this morning.  I’m thinking later in the day it’ll be slushy and fun, but probably Level 11+ for the added skill of human dodging while simultaneously jumping over puddles and other hidden obstacles.  Secret stash of the day: lower Mavericks.  It’s the run right below the bottom of Bashor lift that normally has huge launchable rollers built up on it.  The grooming crews have smoothed out the launch aspect of the rollers, and it made for a fun, smooth ski on more snow than you will find anywhere on lower mountain.

Couple the crazily varied skiing conditions, the spring costumes that have been showing up on the hill for weeks now (think tutus, wigs, old-school onesies and some loonies skiing in shorts), and the overall twilight zone mentality of those of us nuts enough to still be committed to our beautiful Mount Werner, and it’s just getting weird.  But fun.  And that is truly the whole point.

Did you know that Tigger was the original text speaker?  Every time he left his friends to bounce along to someplace new, he’d say, “TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!”  So taking after every toddler’s most energetic and optimistic friend, I am signing off for my year of Straight Talker.

TTFN, I do hope you’ll have me back next year.


Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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