Hello from sunny Steamboat…. for now at least.  It is going to be a day of transition with the weather, but the start of the day is offering sun and comfortable temperatures.  As we get into the last few weeks of the season, the snow goes through quite the change each day from firm to slushy in just a matter of hours.  The tough part can be finding that sweet spot where the sun warms things up just enough to corn up the snow and make turns before it gets really slushy.




The snow is on the firm side first thing today, but that is to be expected in the spring season.  Carving an edge before 10am can be a challenge, but that soft corn snow will come quickly so make sure you are on the east and south facing slopes to catch the best conditions later today.  Groomed options are a little more limited than usual today, so make sure to pick up a grooming report before you head up.




Interesting start to the day with wind delays on the gondola and a solid breeze throughout the morning hours.  The sun and temps are warm, and it is a pretty comfortable day out there.  The mostly clear sky is allowing for excellent views of the valley while it transitions from winter to spring.  While I always appreciate the sun, I have my eyes on the incoming storm that will hopefully bring a few inches to the mountain and freshen things up a bit.



With firm morning conditions, it is a great chance to enjoy a very leisurely breakfast and take your time getting to the mountain.  Certainly a fun day of sunny turns ahead, but no rush to get up there.  The snow should be in prime condition late morning, so do your best to time it right and head over to the Sundown area first and work your way over towards Storm and Pony as the sun gets higher and moves towards the west.


Pick of the mountain today is Tomahawk – this is one of my favorite spring runs to hit if I am up early in the day as it gets the best sun first thing.

Have a great day on the mountain!


Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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