Every fall , it’s the same story. We all have the sudden stress of “getting in shape for ski season”. One month before ski season, we crank out a few hundred squats and lunges hoping to dissipate the intense lactic acid come our first few runs. Sure, it helps but what if there was a totally different way to approach our ski fitness which would go well beyond our first winter turns?

Yes, Here it is.

First, look at each month like a block of training. It will give you steps toward continued fitness well beyond the ski fitness craze. Within each month, take a few days to incorporate the other blocks. Don’t limit yourself to one pattern. Most importantly, make sure you maintain variety.

Since most everyone has been hiking, biking and enjoying our fall we are going to jump right into phase 2.

October: Anaerobic Endurance

Use this month to build your anaerobic platform. Focus on a a variety of activities that are high in intensity but shorter in duration. A good example of this is circuits, sprints and intervals.As I mentioned earlier, make sure you keep variety in your activities. Explore as many different options possible. 

November: Explosive Power

Use this month to build your power. Best method to improve power is plyometrics. These exercises consist of jumping and weighted explosive moves. Body weight is often sufficient. Challenge your veritical jump, or broad jump up your usual hiking trail. You will notice overall gains. Jump!

December: Aerobic Recovery

As you move into ski season, the key is continuing your training. The importance of continued training prevents injury and allows you to maintain fitness throughout the season. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and even a leisurely walk are all keys to allowing your body to recover while building your aerobic base.

Finally, remember to stretch. Don’t be afraid to join a yoga class, your body will love you for it.