Summer is the season I wish could last a little longer. I love the long days, sunny morning hikes, naps in my hammock and riding my townie bike everywhere. Everyone seems to have a little more time to play these days, and Steamboat people are especially good at it. But we can always learn a thing or two by watching how the kids do it.

We are lucky to live minutes away from incredible hiking, mountain biking, hot springs and swimming holes. The addition of the Coca-Cola Adventure Zone at the base of Mount Werner gives everyone from babies to adults yet another venue for summer fun. Little ones happily wade in the lazy river and play at the beach while their older brothers and sisters race from the bounce house to the ropes course to mountainside tubing and more.

Our extended family visited recently from places across the globe, and we took an afternoon to explore this new playground. We learned a lot of Steamboat history while playing the Maverick Mini-Golf Course. Each hole has a sign detailing some aspect of Steamboat lore, like the legend of Sleeping Giant.

It was fun to see what else our nieces gravitated toward. Nine-year-old Freya went wild for the bungee jumping, where assistants on trampolines attach you to a harness and bounce up and down to help launch you skyward. Freya catapulted herself as high as she could go, throwing spread eagle jumps for good measure. Between three-minute jumping stints, she could run next door to a mini pool, climb into a large, inflated plastic ball and run around hamster-style as her mom sprayed her with a water gun.

The summer clock is ticking, and now is the time to play with reckless abandon. You can catch Sunset Happy Hour at the top of the gondola this Thursday, Family Fun Happy Hour at the base on Friday and the First Friday Artwalk downtown in addition to your outdoor adventures.

Have fun!


Jessica Berg is a freelance writer and Suzuki Violin teacher. She first moved to Steamboat after college in the mid ’90s and, after a long hiatus, is happy to call Steamboat home again. She runs a private violin studio out of her Steamboat home and teaches violin with Boulder Suzuki Strings. She holds a degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and loves blogging about mountain life.

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