With all the madness 2020 has brought, it has also made us realize how much we appreciate the great outdoors! This weekend brought some much needed moisture and cloud cover. Friday and Saturday had an ominous display of low hanging clouds over Mt Werner. Crisp mornings gave a taste of fall and perfect weather for long hikes or bike rides. The moisture is preserving the summer green and creating that hero dirt or ‘summer pow’ we are always searching for.

Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors!

The twists and turns that mold the Alpine Coaster.
A Marmot surveying the area.

The Spivey family takes in the view.

The scene as you step off the gondola.

Sean Kelleher ripping down Creekside trail.

Rider: Sean Kelleher
Looking down the valley.

The view from inside the gondola as you head back down.

Reminder that the last day to enjoy the gondola is September 7th, so take the ride while you can!