Now is the time in ski season when the mysterious groomers who roam Steamboat’s slopes in their giant snowcats overnight become the all-mighty Oz of our skiing and riding existence. The infinite wisdom is to follow their Yellow Brick Roads in the sunlight — bright white paths of buttery corduroy that will deliver you to scrumptious spring turns all over the mountain.

Rolex has been rolled.

A light layer of haze is lurking high in the sky, toning down the sun’s rays today. That should be great for the snow — staving off any sort of wicked melt. The mountain is super soft all over the groomers, and I’m confident everything else will feel the same everywhere else this afternoon. But seriously, there’s not a lot that hasn’t been beautifully groomed at this point. I skied top-to-bottom cord without a hint of crunch this morning, from Storm Peak to Rainbow, Vagabond, Betwixt, Between and on down.

Sun peeking through the high clouds over a sweet groom on One O’Clock.

I dipped over the edge of Huffman’s for my first taste of the groom this morning. Nothing but creamy cord out there with the smattering of First Tracks folks. Next up, Sunshine lift line. This shot is absolutely irresistible on a day like this — sweet rollers and perfect pitch for a long, fast thigh-burner. Laps on High Noon and One O’Clock proved a screaming good time. Rolex is rolled to perfection.

Wide-open — the cord is all yours today.

An whoa, it’s full-tilt March.

By my mental calendar, the onset of Steamboat’s free concert season in Gondola Square is when we officially cross into spring. It’s about more than spring snowstorms and sun. Music and après ski revelry mark these longer ski days for the full spring mountain experience. Tomorrow, we’re jammin’ with Afrolicious. Super groovy.  Super fun. Get out there and dance for the sun; dance for the snow gods.

Also, patience, powder hounds.

For the next couple days,  enjoy lapping up all this fun in the sun. The weather wizards promise spring’s snow flurries are on their way. If you click your ruby ski boots and make a wish, it probably wouldn’t hurt the collective consciousness either.

There’s no place like … Steamboat.

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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