Take this personality quiz to find out which Steamboat ski run is perfect for you.  Are you a flirty and popular Rainbow or a more subdued Vagabond?  Maybe you’re like the quirky Morningside lift line. Tally up your answers today, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning with the results!

Question 1: It’s 8:20 on a powder day. What’s your plan of attack to get the most freshies in the first hour?


A. Hurry to the singles gondola line and try to press the glass, then it’s straight to Storm Peak to be on the first chair at 9:00.

B. Get in line at Christie so you can take lifts to the top, then a quick lap on Four Points before Storm Peak opens.

C. Park at the top of Burgess Creek Road. That way you’re guaranteed first chair on Thunderhead.

D. Wait out the lines with a cup of coffee at Gondola Joe’s. You’re more into the groom anyway.

Powder Daze!
Powder Daze!

Question 2: What’s your Steamboat dream home like?

A. A timeshare at the Steamboat Grand. We can only be up sometimes, and we love all of the glamorous amenities.

B. A slopeside condo with good neighbors and a nice hot tub.

C. A 9,000-square-foot cabin in the true Steamboat wild. We can sacrifice proximity for the silence of Colorado nature.

D. A nice big house under the gondola with plenty of room for all the grand babies, a party-ready kitchen with a bar, and a game room, and a hot tub, and a theater …

Perfect ski day?
Perfect ski day?

Question 3: What’s your perfect ski day look like?

A. I think it was described in Question 1.

B. Any time I can get out on the slopes is good for me, but Wednesdays are great because I don’t start work until 4.

C. Up bright and early to do a run with the kids before they go to ski school, and then up to Morningside after we drop them off. I want to get in as many black diamonds as possible.  Lunch at Four Points around 1, and then to the Nelson’s bump clinic. Once my legs and knees are shot, I think there’s time for a quick bloody mary before I have to meet the family.

D. Wally world all morning and lunch at Ragnar’s. Then a few laps on lower mountain in the afternoon.

Question 4: If you had to hike up the mountain, how would you prefer to do it?

A. Skin up the cat tracks from the base of Thunderhead lift.

B. Straight up Heavenly Daze on AT gear. You gotta earn those turns!

C. Cat Trax on my boots. I’m going straight up BC Skiway

D. A guided snowshoe tour sounds great!

Question 5: You forgot your gloves, what do you do?

A. Back to the car. I’m sure they’re there.

B. Go to the lost and found to borrow a pair for the day.

C. Gondola General should have a cheap pair for me.

D. I found the cutest pair at  Christie Sports. This is a great excuse to buy them!

Question 6: What’s your favorite month of skiing.

A. January

B. March

C. Feburary

D. April

Question 7: What would you like to do with a ski day off in Steamboat?

A. Go to see a movie. Then maybe a Haymaker sleigh ride dinner.

B. Ski Howelson Hill.

C. Go to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, and then have drinks and dinner on the town.

D. Shopping downtown and dinner at Hazie’s.


Question 8: What type of Colorado tree are you most like?

A. Aspen trees: the best to ski in!

B. Willow trees: hearty and colorful, they’re always protecting some fresh turns.

C. Pines: they hold the most snow.

D. Spruces: so regal with gorgeous winter color.

Tally your scores (A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s), and tune in tomorrow for the results.  Have a great day out there, and don’t miss the Magic Giant concert at 3:30 at the base!


Willow Fitzgerald, Telemark skier

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