The smell in the air this morning had the whiff of winter. Something about how the brisk late fall breeze floats across my cheeks and under my nose this time of year calms me into knowing there is snow just around the corner. But the evening sun still sets our mountain ablaze with an orangish hue which reminds me that we still have to get through Halloween before I can realistically switch my brain over to ski season.

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time getting my home’s storage in order and my bikes put away for the season. All but my fat bike — the one with 5” tires. That one stays active throughout the winter as I continue to ride to work each day in whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at me. As of this morning, my garage can once again be used for its intended purpose (parking cars) and my gear is ready to go for when our mountain opens.

The night’s air has been staying cold enough to blow snow, so we’re already working on our base depth in key areas. It’s been fun to visit our Gondola Square and see how our mountain is beginning to take shape. Things in town are still quite quiet in anticipation of another busy winter, but our resort employees are in full swing. With only 24 days until the mountain opens, we’re all ramping up quickly.

So enjoy your trick-or-treating on Tuesday, and take every moment as it comes. After all, winter and the fun that comes with it will be here before you know it.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier, fat biker

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