Well, the sky isn’t really falling, but the snow sure is. It’s dumping powder in Steamboat and this is shaping up to be an incredible day up on the hill. A few inches of fresh have blanketed the slopes overnight and the intensity of the current storm is beginning to build.

Visibility is a bit low right now, so sticking to the tree skiing areas of our mountain might be a wise choice. If ducking between evergreens and aspens isn’t quite your thing, then at lease try staying close to the treed areas. This will help with light contrast and your ability to spot undulations in the terrain quite a bit. One of the runs I found most enjoyable today was along skier’s-right of the Sunshine Lift Line. The groomed trail with a few inches of fresh white stuff was perfect for making wide, arching turns.

Another one of my pleasure cruises on a day like this is West Side. The pitch is steep but the run is groomed, so you don’t have to worry too much about avoiding moguls and the like. This is the type of run that allows you to focus on your edge technique without any natural obstacles in your way.

On my way down this morning, I popped onto Valley View. This is one of my all-time favorite egress methods of getting to the bottom. Upper Valley View appeared to have been groomed in the last few days or so. The naturally formed bumps were small and hardly anything to give you much pause. For the most part, the combination of fresh snow and wide open space provided a wonderful way to make my way home. Lower Valley View was groomed overnight, which made my turns here seem a heck of a lot faster and controlled. I felt like an alpine ski racer as I turned up the acceleration a bit and let my skis run.

As the snow continues to fall, I anticipate some soft and forgiving conditions in the days to come. Anyone traveling here for MusicFest should sure be excited about what’s in store over the next few days.

Happy Trails,

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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