I’ve always prided myself of being an adaptable skier. Until this week, I had one pair of skis which I used almost EVERY day. I was somewhat picky with my all mountain ski, but I left it at that. Whatever the conditions, wherever I was planning on skiing, I went with my old trusties. I didn’t give much thought to the new wave of “reverse rocker, early rise, ridiculously fat under foot”, blah blah.

Like I mentioned, UNTIL THIS WEEK! I have officially changed my ways.

My good friends at Dynastar sent out some 107 CHAMS and I took a chance and took them out for a spin Sunday.

AMAZING! Wow. Almost could count as life changing!

Here’s my new found thought on these skis:

-Early Rise on the Tip…Not the tail:
Yes, it makes the longer length (175 cm) easier to turn. I usually use 165cm for my All-Mountain skis and was a little apprehensive about a longer ski. NOT THE CASE. They turned like a charm. The tails have no rise, which creates a more traditional feel. They are stable and fabulous.

Caroline Lalive

-Fat Under Foot:
Ok, ok. I think this is VERY dependent on the construction of the ski. Without getting too technical, I think an overall softer ski is very important but you want something stiffer right under foot. With the increased width, you want something that still responds quickly. Otherwise, the ski will feel sluggish and difficult to control.

-No Rocker (Reverse Camber):
This might make a few of you mad, I am not a fan of the whole rocker technology. This greatly diminishes the overall stability of the ski. Because you have less running surface on the snow, the skis have a tendency to flap around. Bottom line, I am not a fan.

These, skis managed the entire mountain effortlessly. Wow. Incredible. I was really surprised how well I could charge down White Out and shred through puffs of powder. Perfecto.

Overall Consensus:
I will  grab these skis for those powder, all over the mountain days. I will stick with my old trusties, for my groomer days.

If you have doubted some of the new technology, give something a try! You too might be converted. Trust me, I am not easily convinced!