Yesterday I assigned a Steamboat “Ski Run Personality Quiz” to all of you to determine which run best fits who you are. This morning, we have the results. To find your score, click here and tally up your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s!


Storm Peak Face
Storm Peak face

Mostly A’s: You’re Storm Peak face!

You’re no nonsense and all about the turns, ready to ride the run with tons of choices and not afraid of skiing under a lift line sometimes. Originally only accessible by a Poma Lift, Storm Peak face bears Mount Werner’s earliest name. The face, today best accessed by its namesake chair Storm Peak Express, has everything from groom to trees to bumps to powder to something truly in between. You’re the kind of skier who prefers to feel both adventurous and at home during ski days, so laps on Storm Peak Express and Bar UE lift serve you well. Since you’ve been coming to town since Four Points Lodge was just a “Love Shack,” you like Storm Peak’s no-nonsense feel. (Although, before and after the remodel, who would say no to a Four Point’s bloody?) Enjoy your days on Storm Peak face, iconically visible from downtown Steamboat, but bundle up when Storm Mountain acts its name.

Mostly B’s: You’re North St. Pat’s!

You’re all about the skiing, and you work for your powder days. You deserve the very height of Steamboat terrain. Steep, treed and nearly always housing something fresh, North St. Pat’s has often been referred to as an “in-bounds back-country” run. Yes, you’re the type who knows that the quick hike is worth it, and you don’t even take off your skis anymore. Some of you may even remember the days before Morningside lift existed. You love the microwave tower community, those breathless chats about the conditions and weather, and the friendly skate out at the bottom. I bet you’ve drawn something in the pristine field of snow at the base. I can’t say for sure, but you just might be a Steamboat ski bum!

Flying Z!
Flying Z

Mostly C’s: You’re Flying Z!

You get the most out of your ski days, and you’re definitely a powder hound. Skiing is a family activity until it snows, if you know what I mean. The Flying Z stash is so easy to get to and really brings you close to the quite nature of Steamboat. Those heavy pine trees are a quiet relief from the gaiety of Buddy’s Run, and any excuse to ride Bar UE lift is a great one. You love to get off the beaten path when you’re on vacation, and you know how to get the best out of everything. I imagine that you can ski record vert in a day. If you need something new, try riding Pony Express to other similar terrain.


Mostly D’s: You’re Rainbow!

Just like the Rolling Stones song says, you’re colorful, bright and popular; the center of the mountain and the center of attention. You might be the type to wear a tutu skiing (guilty), and you definitely love to ski with friends. Although the run is named for its arc-like shape that spans the mountain’s saddle, I think Rainbow’s most important features are its bright, carvable, groom and its perfect pitch for speed. You’re the kind of skier who shines brightest on one of Steamboat’s many sunny ski days. You might even try sunbathing on a Four Points lawn chair between runs. Everyone loves Rainbow for its friendly exterior and its slalom like carvability. The view from the saddle is remarkable. If you do get tired of the run’s popularity, veer skier’s left at the saddle and try Moonlight. From there, you can access the entire sunny side of the mountain.

Thanks for taking the Steamboat “Ski Run Personality Quiz.” Now go try out your run on this sunny March day! I hope that everyone has a great week, and hopefully we’ll get a bit of snow this week with the coming front!


Willow Fitzgerald, Telemark skier

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