Last call for powder! If you aren’t already on the mountain, get your gear and get up here now. With sun in the forecast for the weekend, this will probably be your last shot at powder for the year. It might be sugary spring powder, but it’s new snow none the less. So fake an illness, take a long lunch or get out of bed and get up here.

There was 3 inches at the top this morning, but because it is moist snow, it feels deeper. I took my first run down through Triangle trees and then under Bar-UE lift and back down to Storm Peak lift. With a lot of different angles and areas to go through, I got a good feel for what to ride today. The verdict is to ride lower-angle runs and enjoy the firm yet springy snow. Because of the warm weather of late, there is some ice underneath the new snow. Don’t fear though, you’ll only feel it on steeps and the downhill side of moguls.LIft

Armed with my new knowledge of the conditions, I headed back up Storm and over to 3 O’Clock and into Twilight. The upper section of Twilight was awesome. There were barely any tracks, and the main gullies provided the perfect angles to be able to make good turns without having to speed check and scrape down to the ice layer.

After a few runs in that area, I met some friends and decided to take a run through Shadows. While it was bordering on too steep for the conditions, most of the main lines are still untouched, and I didn’t hit too much ice. The problem in this area is that lower Shadows is pretty hazardous. It might look like untouched pillow lines in there, but be careful if you decide to drop in. There are a lot of barely covered trees in there (including one that sent me cartwheeling through the forest).


So after a little trial and error, we figured out that the perfect run for today is skier’s right of Closet known as Sideburn. It rolls over here and there, so you can enjoy the snow on the steeps and almost always find a nice bank to check your speed on.  The added bonus is you can cut over to Rainbow Saddle instead of having to go through the portion of Closet below Duster. If you are looking for an extra challenge, the bumps on White Out where actually pretty fun. Just watch out for the vertigo inducing fog if you go toward the middle of the run.

So there you have it folks, one last blast of snow for everyone to enjoy. Get out there and get your share because unless you have a trip planned to the southern hemisphere, you wont be seeing this for a while. See you all next year!


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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