Get our your low light goggles out because you are gonna need them today. Spring storms usually come in with warmer temps and that usually means foggy conditions that seem to cling to every inch of the mountain. From below, you can’t see much above the top of Christi lift, but rest assured that if you get to the upper mountain today there are some gaps in the clouds. Once you get clear of the fog, there are some good turns to be had on some of the upper mountain groomers.

The first thing I noticed today was how much better the north facing runs were. My first run down Rudi’s to 4-points was surprisingly soft and pretty smooth given the conditions. So after a ride to the top of 4-Points I figured it would be better to head skiers right over to Cyclone for a run. There was just a dusting on top of the corduroy but it was enough to spray up a little snow and soften the run. Keep your speed in check at the bottom though since the run out into Tornado Lane is a bit bumpier.

Encouraged by the good conditions on Cyclone, I took Storm Peak Lift to the top and went over to give buddy’s run a shot. The upper portion was in great shape and was pretty smooth from edge to edge. The lower stretch was ok, but you could tell that it has been affected more by these warm spring days. You are better off hanging a left and getting back over to Cyclone at this point.


What I noticed most this morning was the difference between snow quality on the steeper slopes and the lower angle stuff. Everything is going to be a little firm until it warms up but the steeper stuff will need a more time. The steeps get a little more beat up on the warm afternoons which makes them a little rougher when they re-freeze. So be careful going over rollers because you might hit a rough patch on the downhill side.


Overall, the conditions aren’t the best up there, but as usual there is always something worth riding on Mt Werner. I didnt make it to the Sunshine Bowl or Sundown areas, but I think the lower angle runs over there might be your best choice today. Sure they are south facing, but the groomers probably smoothed out the bumps a little better because of the lower angles. The lower mountain was also warming up a bit when I left so you might be able to find some softer runs riding the Christi lift.

Have fun out there.

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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