Perspective. It’s incredibly powerful and has enormous impact on how we live our lives. Recently my life drastically changed with the arrival of our daughter, Freya.¬† As any new parent knows, you experience the greatest joy coupled with the testing and stretching of your whole being. Life suddenly takes on a new hue, and you have a changed perspective. Needless to say, all this has me philosophizing about one’s legacy and what exactly that means in my life.

You often hear of athletes and great leaders leaving their legacy on the world of sports or within society. Here in Steamboat, we have been impacted with many great men and women leaving their legacy on our community. Whether it’s Buddy Werner or Gloria Gossard, we have their lasting remembrance. As I sit holding my daughter, I have thought about what legacy I would want to impart to her, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s quite simple.

Sadly, I think this simple perspective has become a lost art in the modern era. Yet, the act of appreciation has so much power on everyone involved. I know personally, my life is fuller when I stop and take in all the wonder. Our beautiful valley, the snow-covered mountains and the privilege to enjoy it all are what makes Steamboat so special. Beyond our natural wonder, the heart and soul of Steamboat are its people and the shared appreciation for the life we live. We are the fortunate ones.

Passion brings energy and vitality to our being. I feel incredibly blessed that I was nurtured and supported in my passion for skiing. It has brought me such joy and life experience. My dream is to share and expose Freya to the same opportunity and foster her passion for the great outdoors.  She may not be a World Cup skier, but I hope she can stand atop a mountain and smile knowing life is grand.

In all my recent thinking, I’ve come to the decision that how we treat people far outlasts anything else we’ve done. Our legacy is often built upon this simple truth. I know I’ve come up short many a time and have learned this lesson the hard way. But the reality is that simple kindness makes an enormous impact. In a world where kindness is often forgotten, I hope to impart to my daughter the importance of a simple act and the resounding effect it can have on the world around.

Legacy: It’s powerful to think what I’d like mine to be.