Today offers a clear answer to what makes people quit whatever they are doing in another town, move to Steamboat and never leave.

There is no doubt we get a ton of snow in Steamboat.  Sometimes the snow comes in light and fluffy, sometimes it comes with a ton of wind and is a bit more dense, or even in the spring it can come in heavy.  But not today… today is the good stuff.  The best, the lightest, top shelf stuff – and the reason we call it Champagne Powder.  I have skied a lot of places in the world – 4 different continents, plenty of North America and nearly every single resort in Colorado & Utah – I am very confident in saying that Steamboat sees some of the best quality snow on earth.  It is truly amazing.

Skiing powder at Steamboat

 I started the morning in the Sundown area enjoying wide open runs and deep turns through Steamboat’s famous aspen groves. I couldn’t stop staring at all the trees absolutely caked in the finest snow around – a surreal surrounding. 

Powder day at Steamboat

 As my snowboard dug into each turn the snow seemed to just float away above my head offering peace in the white room all around me.   On each run this morning I felt as if I was inside my own personal snowglobe with the snow flakes dancing around my entire body floating through the freshies.  Although the mountain is very busy today, I couldn’t hear anything else inside the snowglobe; complete zen.

Skiing powder at Steamboat

We shifted our focus to Pony Express after quite a few runs on Sundown, and it was fantastic over there as well.  The powder was deep and the smiles on the holiday skiers abundant.  There is a bit more snow higher up, so head to the upper elevations of the mountain for the deepest turns.

Powder day at Steamboat

It is a cold one out there, so be sure to bundle up.  Pick of the mountain today is Shadows – bottomless turns through amazing aspen trees; enough said.

Hooray Powder!

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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