Well, well, merry Christmas my friend. There’s just something super special about being in a ski town surrounded by glorious snow during the holidays that makes this time of year extra swell. It appears this town had collectively been good for our community Elf on the Shelf because we’ve been gifted with a blanket of fresh powder for today’s skiing and riding.

If there was any question that I might have made the “naughty list” this year, the fact that I got first tracks on the mountain confirms I must have been nice in 2016 (for the most part, at least).


Even with two kids at home anxiously waiting to tear into their presents, I had the opportunity to escape for a few runs with my wife. Who says that Christmas can’t include a little quiet time for the parents?

We typically enjoy cruising the intermediate terrain on the Sundown side of the mountain, and today was no exception. Flintlock, Quickdraw and Two O’clock were all immaculate. It seems that our dedicated snowcat operators were up late last night smoothing out the base while keeping one eye peeled for St. Nick and his reindeer. The snow today is incredible, and it goes without saying that the resort is booming with guests who are lucky enough to celebrate this week in winter wonderland.


Lower mountain trails are all in great shape, as well. One of my favorite runs of the morning was down See Me, which was like skiing through the white frosting my kids spread atop about two dozen sugar cookies yesterday. As the morning progressed, it continued to dump more fluff from sky and conditions are still snowing.

Looking ahead at the forecast, it appears that more snow should continue to fall. Check out our daily snow report by meteorologist Joel Gratz for a timely report on what to expect in the coming days. And don’t forget to mark your New Year’s calendar for a load of great activities on the mountain and at the mountain base.

Merry Christmas!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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