It’s the second official day after we turned our clocks back. What could feel more like winter than shorter days and a little snow on the ground? Now, more snow stays on Mount Werner after storms, though it has melted in our yard. It may be about time to trade bike shorts for winter gear with more snow in the forecast this week.

On Halloween morning, we woke to some visitors in our yard.  Two moose traipsed through, munching on shrubs and trees as they ambled. For a minute, they stood so close to our window we could have reached out and touched them. We could safely look into their big, sweet brown eyes without a moment’s fear. Then off they went through the neighborhood. Just another day in Steamboat.



In anticipation of the latest storm, I took advantage of one of the last planting opportunities of the season. Relatively new to high-Alpine gardening, I am having fun with the experiment. Saturday before the storm seemed like a perfect time to plant tulip bulbs and a few last perennials. A wise gardener in town also told me to try spreading wildflower seed after one of the first snowfalls, so the seeds slowly seep into the ground. The possibility of growing a small field of flowers with so little effort was definitely worth a try.

Serene Whistler Park during a break in the storm

All of these preparations are made with excitement and anticipation for the ski season that is soon to come. In 16 short days, we’ll be making turns on the mountain. Until then, there is always happy hour.

Especially on a wet, snowy, sleepy Sunday, it’s nice to go out. When you’re out by 4 and home by 7, you don’t even need to worry about missing sleep after the interruption in your circadian rhythm. A recent article detailed some of the adverse effects of the time change. It’s a real phenomenon, how much the change of a mere hour can impact how alert and energetic we are. So it’s definitely a good day to push snooze a few times, have an extra coffee, squeeze a workout in, whatever you need to jump start your week.

Back to happy hour. There are a plethora of off-season deals in town now. We went to one of our old favorites Mohagany Ridge for a few drinks and snacks this time. With their delicious $1 appetizers and half price drinks, it’s great to settle in to the cozy atmosphere of the bar with a few friends.

We looked for traces of ski tracks on the way downtown yesterday afternoon. None were visible without binoculars yet, but the die hards are itching to make some turns somewhere, and the storms are lining up. Winter is happening. Enjoy your happy hour(s) in the meantime.


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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