In the towns and in the cities, people sleep to dream.  But my head is in the clouds and the mountain is exactly what it seems.  Calming.

This is a busy week of skiers flocking to Steamboat to enjoy the lightest snow on the planet for the holidays.  And as crystalized flakes of Colorado goodness continue falling from the sky, I can’t help but take a deep breath of fresh air and relish the warming effect it has on my soul.  Now don’t get me wrong, the air today is a bit nippy.  I’d recommend throwing on an extra layer to cut down the chill.  But slope conditions couldn’t be better.  Runs like Two O’clock were exceptionally smooth and graceful.  And as I laid my tracks into skier’s right of the trail, I could tell that this was going to be a good day for sliding and riding. 

Skiing the trees

A grab-n-go breakfast put me on the gondola first thing which placed me on some gorgeous trails to leave my tracks.  Those who woke early and hit the lifts first thing were treated to some untouched fluff which blanketed the valley late last night.  As more and more people flocked to the mountain, major thoroughfares like High Noon, Buddy’s Run, and Rainbow seemed to be slowly filling up.  So I’d advise choosing the road less traveled like Tornado, Flying Z, and Quickdraw (for those that find themselves on the Sunshine Express side of the mountain today).  Today’s conditions are fantastic but it helps to examine where your fellow skiers are headed and aim to chart a new line if possible.  The more we all spread out the better the experience overall.  So unveil your adventurous side and see where your legs take you.  Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find.

Christie peak express

As I made my way down the mountain today in anticipation of what I expected to be a mob of new arrivals to our mountain, I quickly realized that our resort is HUGE!  And no matter how many people choose to enjoy the National Forest alongside me this week, there’s a simple calm in knowing that there’s plenty of space for everyone.  And as I continued to suck down that dreamy cocktail of natural oxygen and cold snow, I got high on the lifestyle that is Steamboat.  Here you’ll find spacious, seemingly never-ending runs to schuss and whoosh your way down towards a buzz of family activities to behold below. 

Please enjoy your time in Steamboat and relish the new snow.  Whether you ski or ride, you’re sure to find our mountain soft and forgiving today.  So get out there and experience it while you can.  And remember to smile at your neighbor on the chairlift.  They too are here to bask in the subtle “slowing effect” that only the Rocky Mountains can produce.

Here’s to taking time to reflect…

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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