The weather continues to defy annual February odds in Steamboat. I’ve heard locals go from complaining about nowhere to put the snow to now complaining that we are due for a healthy dump. I’m choosing to live in the moment and take the weather as it comes. We truly are experiencing the best of everything Mother Nature has to offer: Great skiing conditions, sunny skies, dry roads and a hiatus from moving snow.

I feel incredibly blessed to wake up to bluebird skies yet cold winter temperatures on these picturesque February days. Starting my day by breathing in fresh mountain air is something I treasure. Feeling the sun on my face as I make my way up Sundown Express lift is a gift I am thankful for each day. Perfect railroad-track groomers is all I could ask for. My first morning dilemma involved  which of my favorite runs to ski first: Rolex or West Side.

Decisions, decisions
Decisions, decisions

After choosing West Side, I made a hasty return to the top for second dose of High Noon and lower High Noon. As I said last week, conditions are still as good as groomer days get. Dry, silky smooth corduroy to dig my edges into.

High Noon skiing perfectly
Railroad tracks on High Noon

Making my way over to Storm Peak, I made a blissful run down lower Rainbow. Again, perfect turns and the run to myself. As selfish as I admit I am, going back to a less crowded week on the mountain and in town always makes me smile. Buddy’s Run may have been as good or better than the Priest Creek side of the mountain. Just perfect in my eyes.

Enjoying Buddy’s Run and the views

From everything I keep reading about El Nino, we are supposed to continue in a cold trend. Some outlets say heavy snow, some say an early spring. So which will it be? I am content with whatever Mother Nature chooses. As long as the skies are sunny and the temps stay cold, I’m a happy camper.

As the Caribbean cultures say, just be IRIE! Everything will happen as it’s supposed to.

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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