It’s that most wonderful two times every year, the Super Bowl for fly-fisherpeople: The spectacular shoulder seasons!

The Yampa River produces some of the most healthy and natural trout habitats in the country, and the fishing is hot, hot, hot! Trout are running through the Yampa like Bo Jackson shredding the KC Chiefs defense.

Q: Hey Byron, where should I fish in Steamboat?

A: On The Yampa River.

Big Bad Leroy Brown. Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Q: OK, but where on the Yampa River should I fish?

A: In town.

Blub, blub…

Q: OK, but where in town?

A: On the river.

Foot long, get your 2-foot long!

Q: So where in town on the Yampa River should I fish?

A: Where the fish are.

Where the fish are…

Q: What fishing secrets can you tell our readers?

A: I will pinky swear to you all photos in this post I caught recently.


Tight lines,

Byron Carney, fly-fisherman

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