‘Tis the season for starting the day with homemade Christmas cookies and coffee splashed with egg nog. Indeed, this delightfully sweet concoction of butter, sugar and caffeine is what’s fueling the turns of yours truly this morning.

Up we go! On top of that two-inch blessing we got mid-week, Steamboat’s gun show has outdone itself with record-breaking snowmaking. Mid-mountain terrain expands today with the opening of Thunderhead Express and our first taste of upper Vagabond. Then, on Saturday, finally we’ll be skiing top-to-bottom off Storm Peak Express.

Storm Peak Express, test driving for Saturday’s grand opening

Helllloooo Mount Werner! It’s nice to have you back!

New terrain is irresistible. So much for that last-minute Christmas shopping you were supposed to get done. Shove a couple extra cookies in your pocket and go skiing.

Skies are blue and the air is crisp — set to stick below freezing all day. If you follow that little trail of sugar left by our stealthy groomers, you’ve got some long, sweet rides today. Off Four Points, ride Rainbow to the cat track and down Rudi’s Run. Take some newly groomed turns on Vagabond. Fly down Heavenly Daze.

A well-groomed mountain

It’s cord just about everywhere. Except that expanse of bumps and willow hazards on White Out, which I believe should best be left to young people who are training to be Olympians or anyone aspiring to the bump god status of the late, great Bob Dickey.

Snowcats are out there working hard, day and night — angling to open more terrain. Night skiing started last night, too: Mmmm, a fresh groom and some fast turns as the sun disappears. Steamboat’s tasty on-mountain options are expanding.

Sweet cruising

And once you’re off the slopes, ‘tis the season for cards in the snail mail, elf-themed cocktail hours and shopping local under the twinkly downtown lights. Plus, one of Steamboat’s favorite onetime residents, rockin’ fiddler Jessie Burns, is back for a special Celtic Christmas concert with her band, Take Down the Door, tonight and tomorrow night at the Chief Theater.

Swedish spritz, made with grandma’s press

Wishing you a week filled with sweet treats and snowy adventures!

Jennie Lay, telemark skier

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