Whether you celebrate the Easter holiday or not, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and serenity on the mountain today. It’s as if there is a protective voice in the air telling us that “everything is going to be all right.” And as I made my way around the various upper-mountain trails I tend to frequent, this sense of well-being stuck with me.

With a few inches of fresh snow having blanketed our resort overnight, things are skiing great. Some of my best runs of the day were on the steeper groomed trails like Rolex, Storm Peak South and especially Sunset. The frosted pack underneath a layer of creamy, smooth powder gave me the perfect blend of edge control and forgiveness. As you make your way around today, you’ll probably notice that you can trust your edges quite a bit. Sinking my edges for supremely carved turns wasn’t a problem at all, and I believe this will continue as the day wears on.

Low hanging and fast rolling clouds are swirling overhead, opening up pockets of blue sky and glorious sunlight. I haven’t looked at the forecast, but I’m guessing it will be sunny and warm by day’s end. As things soften, bump runs like Norther and White Out will surely be on the agenda. There’s just something about soft slush bumps that get my heart racing come April.

The snow I found on our lower mountain runs seemed a bit more grippy than up top. I’m guessing there is more moisture in the snow as you move to lower elevations. Runs like Vagabond and Lower Concentration are holding up nicely and skiing very well. But I could feel the wax under my sticks having to work just a tad harder to glide on these trails.

No matter your religion or core beliefs, I wish you a wonderful Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day. Stay on the lookout for any pranks or trickery today. And more than anything, enjoy the fresh snow.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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