Weather forecasting has come a long way in recent years so we usually have a pretty good idea of when to expect storms to roll through Steamboat. So last night when I looked at the forecast and saw that it wasn’t snowing in the valley I assumed it would be a groomer day. It turns out that while it was quiet down here the conditions at the top were pretty intense. Looking back at the powder cam, we got 10″ at the top of the mountain from around 5:30 to 9:00pm!

The storm that moved through last night was quite cold so the snow that fell was perfect champagne powder. In fact it was so light, that sometimes you weren’t riding on top of it as much as you were riding through it. The first runs up on Sundown were nice and deep today with plenty of face shots to go around. Some of the runs like 3 O’Clock actually got better as the morning went on since the push piles kept you from breaking through to the crust layer underneath.

Because of how windy and intense the snowfall was last night, there is a bit of variability with the snow depth across the mountain. For instance there was only 2″ at the gondola, but there were spots in Closet and Shadows that were easily over a foot deep. I would recommend trying to stay in the trees or on the edge of treeline today to find the softest conditions since that’s where blowing snow gets deposited.

It’s still pretty chilly up there this morning, but if you layer properly you should be fine. The wind died down so the conditions are calm and the visibility is OK. If you are just getting up to the mountain, I would recommend staying towards the top to take advantage of the deeper snow. There aren’t too many people up there today, so you will be able to find fresh turns all day.