I’ve got some yummy and fattening food in my future this afternoon when I sit down to watch the Big Game and I’m guessing I’m not alone. So getting out on snow this morning felt especially good. Getting some exercise before one plops their bottom on the couch is the key to a balanced mental and physical state.

The mountain light was a bit flat first thing but I can see blue skies and the sun making their way toward Steamboat. The snow was incredibly grippy though, which made slicing my edges even sweeter. This is a day that you can set your ski or board on edge and lean into the turn with the full force of your weight. If your experience is like mine you’ll feel well assured that today’s snow will hold you solid in place as you glide from side to side.

I was fortunate to meet up with a friend from town and some of his colleagues. It makes ripping the morning corduroy that much more special when you can enjoy it with others. But generally speaking, there was hardly anyone up there today. I’m guessing most of the bodies I saw making their way through Gondola Square today were headed to watch the ski races taking place on All Out. But that left most of the upper mountain trails barely tracked and seemingly vacant.

As the day moves along and the snow begins to soften from the warmer air, I’d suggest checking out runs like Drop Out and Vortex. Due to the angle of the sun these runs face, the snow tends to hold up well on this section of our resort. Or take a minute to duck into the trees and explore something special you perhaps didn’t even know was there. That’s my “insider’s view” for the day.

Happy Super Sunday to one and all. Enjoy the mountain and bring on the nachos!

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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