This morning, skiers and riders were greeted by a beautiful sunrise peeking over new terrain openings across the mountain.

Set your alarms early and hustle up to the mountain! The cold night temperatures are creating amazing early morning conditions on the groomed runs. Untouched soft corduroy on Rudi’s Run is the best way to wake up in Steamboat Springs.  After a quick warm up, I scoped out some of the new terrain openings.  I really opened it up and flew down a freshly-groomed Storm Peak North. A dusting of soft machine-made snow made for soft turns over grippy corduroy conditions.

A quick spin up the Burgess Creek lift, or “BC Lift” as the locals call it, landed me atop an ungroomed White Out Lower.  I stared down at the mix of moguls and took a deep breath.  Am I ready for this yet? Are my legs in good enough shape to make it to the bottom?  I knew if one more question crossed my mind, I’d chicken out and take the easy way down.  No skier ever became great by taking the easiest way down or succumbing to fear.  I took a deep breath and pointed my skis toward my first turn and pushed off. . .

Freshly groomed corduroy at Steamboat

Each turn down White Out Lower was challenging, but forced me to push my skis across varying conditions. I found a mix of predictable mogul turns, crusty snowballs, and natural terrain jibs.  All-in-all, I am so glad I pushed myself because I’m now ready for the next challenge. Even expert-level skiers and riders will find the ungroomed runs challenging, so always ski with a buddy and keep an eye on each other on the newly-opened terrain, which includes:

White Out Lower
North Storm Peak
Triangle Three
Nelson’s Upper
Four Points Lift line Upper
Three O’ Clock Upper


I’m super excited for the Steamboat Mascot Stampede on Friday at 5:00 PM, which kicks off Steamboat’s Passholder Appreciation Week.  Look for the true cowboy, Pistol Pete, from the University of Wyoming to take the win over the slow mascots of the forest and plains (sheep and bison) and the other college mascots from around the country in the inaugural Steamboat Mascot Stampede.  Passholders will also enjoy FREE night skiing and riding on Friday night.  There are tons of other goodies in store for passholders throughout the week, so check out the link!

See you on the slopes,

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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