Today is a quintessentially gorgeous day in the mountains. I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This guy always says that.” But honestly speaking, this is an extremely memorable day of sunshine and sweet, sweet snow.

The sunshine first peaked its cheery little head out over the Sunshine area of the mountain (duh!). Runs like Sunshine Lift Line and High Noon were set up so nicely I could hardly believe it when I looked around and saw nobody else. Having this type of impeccable terrain practically all to myself was absolutely incredible.

2016-2-26 (7)
One of the rare treats of the morning was tackling Rolex which was groomed overnight. The slope of this run was still mainly in the shade so the smooth surface was also a bit glazed and slick. My edges had no problem sinking into the trail however. There was just enough top layer to glide almost effortlessly. It wasn’t until the bottom of the run that I felt that tingly burn in my thighs letting my body know that I was in fact still getting a workout. There’s just nothing quite as special as starting my day by getting the blood pumping in exactly this way.

2016-2-26 (1)
As I made my way toward lower-mountain runs like Heavenly Daze, I was still in awe about how expansive our mountain seems, especially when the crowds are at a minimum. Today is definitely shaping up to be one of those “sleeper” kind of days, where your first runs are enjoyed almost exclusively by your lonesome. And let’s not forget that the afternoons are getting later and the lingering sun still hangs high late in the day. So pace yourself, but plan for a full day of enjoyable terrain no matter where you decide to explore.

2016-2-26 (13)
For those who are looking to participate in or spectate something wacky, wild and new, make sure to check out the Steamboat Cool Dual Mountain Bike Race happening today at 5:30pm. Come watch as these fat bike desperados compete under the lights of Mt. Werner.

In the meantime, don’t forget to lather your sunscreen and enjoy what nature has provided us today. It’s truly a magical experience.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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